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Description: Today, there is no dearth of the career options available for the students and once you go to the virtual world you will be more confused than clear about finding one for yourself. In Indi, majority of students hence rely on their parents for this crucial decision, who in turn advise them based on their experiences which may some time work for them or may not. The main reason is that job market is ever changing and changing so fast after pandemic that future projections by the great pandits of this profession have failed. It is imperative here to mention that even if students want to get expert career advice he is nowhere to go . There are no counselling services available in the schools or colleges, even if the same are available it is more for namesake. Private counselors serve no more than an encyclopedia of name of the colleges for particular subjects. Career counselling is beyond that. The important question here is not the choice of colleges but whether the chosen subject is right for the student or not, weather a few years later will still be enjoying that profession. There are many examples we come across where bright students from IIT have left jobs and continued with a profession of their passion. It gives us a big question of how to select a profession so that we love it. For the right selection of career there are three things which are extremely important, 1. To know yourself (Your strengths), 2. To know the job market and 3. To know the relevant skills.

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