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Description: Penny stocks are the stocks that are traded at a low price, usually under Rupees 50. These stocks have low market capitalization and are usually illiquid. These are the lesser-known stocks to the larger public out there. Usually, these are less preferred by investors due to the limited information about the fundamentals, and businesses are unreliable or unavailable. But the best penny stocks in India are popularly known for generating multi-bagger stock, i.e. returns within a few trade sessions. Since the stocks are illiquid, some of the few orders can hit the circuit limit on the exchange. These stocks hold the chances of giving higher returns when they are hitting the upper circuits for several days. Generally, these circuit periods of hitting circuits are not accompanied by trading volumes. This can happen due to some strong fundamental move. On other days, the reason can be manipulating the stock by stock operators.


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Best Option Trading Strategies For Beginners - KundkundTC

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Description: As you know, there are two ways to trade in the stock market, through cash markets and derivatives. While most novice traders are familiar with trading stocks in the cash market, derivatives still remain a mystery. In this blog, we will discuss option trading for beginners through simple option strategies.


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Money Market Vs Capital Market: What's The Difference? - KundkundTC

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Description: An exchange where buyers and sellers meet to trade financial assets such as bonds, stocks, derivatives, currencies, and commodities is known as a financial market. A financial market’s primary goals are to increase capital, transfer risk and liquidity, and establish prices for international trade. Maintaining and expanding your wealth are the two approaches to managing it. Making the right decision might be challenging. Additionally, recent claims of growing inflation are unsettling investors and they get to do a lot of research before investing anywhere in the market.


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Top Fertilizer Companies In India - KundkundTC -

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Description: The most important sector of the Indian economy is the Agriculture sector. It is the source of livelihood for approximately 58% of the Indian workforce population. Rapidly growing population makes it necessary to ensure food security through higher agricultural produce. Thus, agriculture and its allied activities are the key to domestic consumption. The demand for agricultural produce is ever-increasing for domestic use as well as for exports. The country has increased its agricultural production tremendously by taking steps such as digitization of land records, crop assessment, use of fertilizers and insecticides. Problems such as poor water supply, soil degradation, and scarcity of land available for agricultural activities have made it necessary for farmers to rely on agrochemical products for increasing farm produce. This has made India the biggest consumer of agro-chemical products in the world.


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Top FMCG Companies in India

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Description: FMCG, or Fast Moving Consumer Goods, is the sole reason for India’s fast-rising need for usual goods and services. The great bulk of the population relies on fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) firms to provide such fundamental necessities. FMCG items are easily purchased, and have large volumes but are low cost. Examples include household goods, over-the-counter medications, food, personal care products, stationery, and consumer gadgets. The top FMCG firms distribute their products over the length and width of the country via a vast distribution network.


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NSE IFSC - Debt To Equity Ratio - KundkundTC

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Description: As an investor, you must evaluate the company before making a decision on whether to invest in it or not. This evaluation would help you take trades with most potential for profit and least probability of risk. Such evaluation is carried out through Fundamental Analysis. Fundamental Analysis involves evaluating the company’s financial status by studying its Balance Sheet, Income Statement (also called Profit and Loss Statement), Cash Flow Statement, and its Financial Ratios. Out of these, Financial Ratios help us compare two or more financial parameters of the company to understand its financial status better. Using these ratios, you can understand the company’s financial health and also compare the company to its peers that operate in the same industry or sector. One such parameter is Debt to Equity Ratio. In this blog, we will find out more about Debt to Equity Ratio and the debt to equity ratio formula.


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Scalping Trading: What Is Scalp Trading & How Does It Work? - KundkundTC

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Description: Profits are the only thing on investors’ minds while they invest in the Indian financial industry. However, they rely on one trading strategy by experimenting with a handful of them to leverage their products at their best. Each of the investors has and believes in a specific approach to trade and investing their hard-earned money. Like some opt for the intraday, some prefer to hold the stocks for three-four months and so on. Perhaps the experts from the market often suggest different strategies based on your level of investment and the stage you’re at. It’s not per se a must-have thing but beginners can check it out say you’re new to investing & trading go for scalp trading or scalping. The concept of scalping or scalp trading revolves around getting an understanding of small price changes and making profits from reselling. In this blog, we’ll talk about the scalp trading strategy and how it works


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Top 5 Best Semiconductor Stocks In India

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Description: Technology is achieving exponential growth in recent times a small chip can run a laptop, refrigerator and almost every electronic device. That chip is known as a semiconductor. Even the EVs are running through the semiconductors. Due to the global pandemic, wars & other imbalances, there has been a shortage of semiconductors for the past two years and the industry faced a revenue loss of around $500 billion. In this blog, we’ll discuss the best semiconductor stocks in India 2022. But first, let’s understand the stats of semiconductor production in India. Due to their rising use in distinct products, these chips are anticipated to become more significant across multiple industries. Despite the fact that more semiconductor manufacturing facilities are anticipated to be built globally, the supply deficit is anticipated to persist. The global need for semiconductors has been fueled by the advancement of artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and related sectors. The key parts of making a semiconductor include memory, Micro components, OSD, logic, and analogues.


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10 Best Lowest Brokerage Charges In India 2022 - KundkundTC

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Description: The lowest brokerage charge is the minimum brokerage amount that traders need to pay when the total brokerage calculation is less than the amount set. If the calculated brokerage is lower than the minimum brokerage defined by the stock broker, the lowest brokerage charges are incurred. There are set guidelines from SEBI (security and exchange board of India) for India’s highest/ lowest brokerage charges for traders who trade on the Indian stock exchange. The maximum brokerage any stockbroker can apply is 2.5%, and no stockbroker can surpass the set percentage. There are no limitations stockbrokers can charge for the lowest brokerage charges according to their preferences.


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Description: As you know, all transactions that take place in the country are taxed. Stock market related transactions are not exempted from this rule. But the tax on stock trading in India differs from that on other financial transactions. In this article, we will discuss all taxes levied on stock market transactions and how they concur or differ based on duration of holding the securities. The different taxes we will look at include taxes on transactions and on capital gains.



Best Share To Buy Below ?50 - KundkundTC

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Description: Share market is the gameplay that everybody does not master but once you do you will not regret it. Bringing diversification to your portfolio is important to help you meet your financial goals and you never know which stock’s performance is leading the portfolio. Some of these companies offer you their best shares for less than ?50, but the return on investments in these stocks is just tremendous. By focusing on these undervalued yet high-quality equities that are present in the share market, the investor uses the concept of value investing. This method of investing signifies that each share’s price has true worth which is not attained by the respective stock. The value investors choose the company share that has the most potential for growth after thoroughly examining these company shares. With this write-up, we’re going to tell about the best shares to buy below ?50 in 2022, the parameters to check these stocks and the important points to note while investing in them.


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